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About Our Aircraft – WZ507

WZ507 is privately funded by a small group of dedicated enthusiasts and has displayed at air-shows all around the UK. Please look at our Airshow Bookings section for more information about the displays we have attended, or contact us if you would like to enquire about booking WZ507 for either a static or flying display. We are always willing to display this aircraft for the public and have a selection of Display Authorised pilots available.

If you flew or maintained this aircraft in the RAF, or have any photographs or other information about its history, please contact us – we are always pleased to hear from people who have worked with WZ507 in the past.

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WZ507 Life Story

1952 Manufactured by the de Havilland Aircraft Company at Christchurch, Dorset.
1953 Delivered to RAF in March.
1954 Posted to 229 Operation Conversion Unit (OCU), Chivenor
1955 Flown to Marshall’s at Cambridge for modifications (fitting of new ‘bubble’ canopy and ejection seats)
1959 Posted to 8 Flight Training School (FTS), Swinderby
1961 Posted to 5 FTS, Oakington
1963 Posted to 3 / 4 Civil Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit (CAACU), Exeter
1964 Posted to Central Air Traffic Control School (CATCS), Shawbury
1969 Retired from RAF service and put on static display by the Solway Aviation Society (SAS), based at Carlisle airport.
1980 WZ507 became the first ex-RAF jet fighter to be put onto the UK civilian register (as G-VTII), after being restored to full flying condition by the SAS.
1982 Appeared in the BBC production ‘The Aerodrome’
1985 Ownership transferred to the Vintage Aircraft Team at Cranfield
2002 After a period of storage and restoration, WZ507 was returned to flying condition by de Havilland Aviation at Swansea.
2005 Vampire Preservation Group formed to operate WZ507 and preserve it as an airworthy aircraft.
2008 WZ507 Undergoes major respray.
2011 New Engine fitted to WZ507.

Facts and Figures

Crew: 2
Engine: de Havilland Goblin 3
Span: 38′ 0″
Length: 34′ 5″
Height: 6′ 7″
Wing Area: 262 sq ft
Max Weight: 11000 lb
Max Speed at Sea Level: 350 kts
Ceiling: 40000 ft
Range: 730 nm

Meet the Team

Mark Hooton (The Trustee & CFI)

Mark flies the B737 and has approximately 14000 hours experience. He first flew the Vampire in 2003 and will also be displaying the aircraft during 2022.

Cameron Sys (Ground Crew)

Cameron flies the B737, and joined the team in 2017, assisting with the Ground Operation of the Vampire.

Steve Hunt (Pilot)

Steve flew Jet Provosts, Hawks, Hunters, Canberras, Lightnings etc in RAF and is currently a Falcon pilot. He joined the Vampire team in 2020.