One thought on “A Few Years in Pictures

  1. Mike Cuttell

    Good evening, I have just read the wonderful article on my favourite vintage jet .
    It is really worrying that this is not only the last of its type in the U.K. but that it might soon be grounded for ever.
    Had I not got my own turbine powered vintage aircraft of a similar age I might have been persuaded to join you. I believe ,like you, I have the only one of the type now flying in this country.
    Sometime I will try to come over to Coventry ,if I may, to have a look at this wonderful example .
    Like you I struggle on spares so I understand that too, having been recently quoted a staggering £85,000 for a fuel pump. I got one in the end but not from them.
    I fly an Alouette 11 manufactured in 1964 and it spent its service life with the Swiss army. I have owned it for 23 years.
    My hope is that ,as a result of this article, you manage to field a few more serious investors. Best of luck.

    Mike Cuttell


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