The Vampire is back

After spending much of the summer in the hangar, under the expert care of Heritage Aviation Services, the Vampire returned to the skies yesterday in support of Coventry Airport. An unofficial fly-in was planned for the day, with many aircraft scheduled to arrive and show their support for the airport as closure of the planning consultation nears. Unfortunately the weather put a dampener on the arrivals, but we were able to make use of a gap in the weather to complete a short local sortie.

WZ507 getting airborne from Runway 23 – 2nd October 2021

It was however hugely encouraging to see the massed support from pilots, engineers and enthusiasts alike at both the Coventry Aero Club and on the apron outside of our Hangar. We were also lucky enough to be joined by ITV News who were covering the day, and growing awareness for the cause

The Vampire team and supporters after the flight

Coventry Airport remains a very viable business, supporting highly-skilled local professionals, and is an irreplacable part of our national transportation infrastructure. To see the developments go ahead would be hugely damaging to both the local area and the country as a whole – so we ask for your support! The deadline for objections to the proposals is tomorrow, these can be submitted to:

We look forward to flying more over the coming weeks and months, and hope to perhaps stage another evening event with the aircraft as the nights draw in – to be confirmed.

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