Evening with the Vampire!

Now that the aircraft is out of maintenance and has been flying recently, on Saturday 7th December, we will be holding another evening event with the Vampire, at Coventry. A chance to get up close to the aircraft, and to photograph it from afternoon, through sunset and into dark. Serviceability permitting, we will start the aircraft at dark, giving a great chance to witness the characteristic Goblin start! Afterwards, enjoy pizza with the crew…

Tickets available on Eventbrite, https://www.eventbrite.com/e/evening-with-vampire-wz507-tickets-75447448349

One thought on “Evening with the Vampire!

  1. Mike Cuttell

    I wrote to you yesterday and intended to suggest that if you are having difficulties at Coventry I would suggest Kemble- really nice people I find and they are no strangers to vintage aircraft..


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