Air to Air and Evening Event

A couple of weeks ago, we were treated to some rare winter sunshine, co-inciding nicely with a Vampire flight, so we took the oppurtunity to get some photographs of WZ507 airborne over Draycote Water. The winter sunlight worked well in helping to generate some stunning images – courtesy of Thomas Nicklin, which we shall share below!

Later in the day, photographers and enthusiasts arrived for our evening event with the aircraft, alongside Almat Flying Academy, for a view of the Vampire up close under the setting sun. We were lucky enough, and very grateful, to have Jet Provost T.5 XW325 and a Piper Cub join us for the evening also. We enjoyed meeting and talking with those who attended, and hope you all enjoyed the evening!

The lighting allowed for some fantastic photographs of the aircraft to be taken, and the unique Goblin engine start seemed to go down well also. We will post some of our photographs here, and include some of the range of other fantastic photographs we have received soon.


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