Evening with the Vampire!

Now that the aircraft is out of maintenance and has been flying recently, on Saturday 7th December, we will be holding another evening event with the Vampire, at Coventry. A chance to get up close to the aircraft, and to photograph it from afternoon, through sunset and into dark. Serviceability permitting, we will start the aircraft at dark, giving a great chance to witness the characteristic Goblin start! Afterwards, enjoy pizza with the crew…

Tickets available on Eventbrite, https://www.eventbrite.com/e/evening-with-vampire-wz507-tickets-75447448349

The Mach Loop

On Monday, the Vampire was seen (and heard!) flying around mid-Wales, while we took in the fantastic scenery of Snowdonia; particularly the hills and valleys around Machynlleth, known as the Mach Loop. The good weather was a welcome rarity, especially at this time of year.

The conditions needed for flying in such an area are fairly light winds (strong winds can often cause severe turbulence around mountains), good visibility, of course meaning no hill fog – which can be common in the winter months. Luckily the day’s weather forecasts and observations were good, and we were able to fly.

Some photographers who were on the hills managed to get some fantastic photos!

© Mark Williams
© Mike Olivant

And of course, here is some footage from the cockpit, showing some of the great scenery in the area and highlighting the great visibility from the Vampire cockpit (with some exterior footage courtesy of Roger Jepson and Laird McLeod).

In Maintenance

Following the trip to Wellesbourne Wings and Wheels event the Vampire went into the maintenance as one of the igniters became unserviceable. Once this is rectified we are hoping to get airborne again this autumn.